The 17 Coolest Seattle Breweries You’ll Want to Drink At

04/17/2024 | by Andy | Bars & Restaurants

If you want to experience everything that Seattle has to offer, you might be interested in visiting some of the top craft breweries. The Pacific Northwest has become synonymous with American craft beer, and the Seattle breweries are no different. Whether you’re in town visiting Seattle or Capitol Hill and staying in one of the city’s centrally located vacation rentals, you’re visiting for work, or this is your hometown, there are plenty of great breweries on this list for you to try out.

With numerous pale ale, IPA, lager, and sour beers from which to choose, this has become the perfect city for great beer. You can relax outside in a local beer garden, visit a local tasting room, or experience small-batch and barrel-aged wheat beers in a unique taproom.

If you are looking for the best breweries in the local area, take a look at a few of the top Seattle breweries you need to explore. Come and discover why Seattle has become synonymous with some of the best beer in the country.


1. Fair Isle Brewing

Photo Credit: clevengerloren via Instagram

Even though Fair Isle Brewing is still relatively new to the Seattle beer scene, it has become popular with locals and visitors alike. They sell a wide variety of sours, farmhouse ales, and saisons. They will even deliver your beer to you while offering delicious food for you to enjoy on-site.

Prefer a cocktail bar? Don’t worry, Seattle has plenty of those to choose from, too.

They are constantly releasing new beers, and they want to know your opinion on them. So, swing by, grab a flight, and let the beer masters know what you think of their new options!


2. Reuben’s Brews

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This exceptional Ballard company has expanded significantly since it first opened its doors a few years ago. They are known for offering unique beers that you cannot find anywhere else, and that has made them a popular standby in the local area.

In particular, you will want to check out their barrel-aged beers mixed with cognac. They also offer growler fills, and they have a handful of taprooms from which to choose.


3. Rooftop Brewing Company

Photo Credit: rooftopbrewco via Instagram

Another brewery you might want to check out is called Rooftop Brewing Company. They are known for their nano brews, which they started making in a garage. Recently, they upgraded to a bigger space near the Queen Anne area, but they did not leave their style behind! This is a dog-friendly and kid-friendly location with a lot of unique beers.

If you are looking for a recommendation, consider trying their creamsicle pale ale. They also have a lot of food trucks that rotate from time to time, and the views from their outdoor seating areas are unparalleled.


4. Ghostfish Brewing Company

Photo Credit: ghostfishbrewco via Instagram

If you are looking for gluten-free beer, look no further than Ghostfish Brewing Company. This beer is so good that you probably will not be able to taste the difference. They use a wide variety of unique ingredients, such as millet and brown rice. They also have plenty of seasonal beers that they release from time to time, but the Peak Buster is probably the most popular one on the menu.

You can also treat yourself to some amazing happy hour deals if you arrive early in the day. Don’t forget to check out their delicious Sunday brunch options as well!


5. Urban Family Brewing Company

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Recently, Urban Family Brewing Company made the move from Magnolia to Ballard. Even though they left the old building behind, they certainly didn’t leave their popular following behind.

They are known for their intense fruit flavors and their delicious sour beer selection. Even though they have plenty of kegs and bottles available, they also have an exceptional taproom with lots of draft beer available.


6. Fremont Brewing

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This is an exceptional local brewery that has been around for more than a decade. Fremont Brewing focuses on making small-batch beers, and they support local farmers with the hops they use.

They have one of the largest outdoor seating areas available, and you can probably find their beers and local grocery stores as well. Some of their most popular selections include their Summer Ale and their Interurban IPA. You might also want to check out the New Zealand pilsner they usually have on tap.


7. Old Stove Brewing Company

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Old Stove Brewing Company is one of the top breweries in the local area. They were named the best taproom in 2018, and they have more than 24 craft beers from which to choose including English-style brews, in addition to delicious cider and wine.

This is a great place to stop as you are exploring the Pike Place Market, and they have a delicious rotating food menu as well. Of course, given the location of this Brewery, you will also be treated to an unparalleled view.


8. Holy Mountain Brewing Company

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Next, you may want to consider visiting Holy Mountain Brewing Company as well. This is a solid brewery located in Interbay, and they are known for producing old-world-style beers. They have numerous pale ales and sours available, and they also offer online ordering.

If you want to pick up the beer yourself, you can also check out the drive-thru. Even though they have a beer garden available, keep in mind that pets are not allowed. There are plenty of exceptional food options right around the brewery, including Frank’s Smokehouse and Rough Draft Burger Shop.


9. Stoup Brewing Kenmore

Photo Credit: cocoa_vila via Instagram

Stoup Brewing Kenmore is a popular Ballard brewery that has an excellent selection throughout the year. They carry a lot of lighter beers and IPAs, but they also have an outstanding robust porter. In particular, this brewery has gotten a lot of attention recently because it opened a new taproom in the local area.

This is also a brewery that has an exceptional pizza selection thanks to its exceptional chef.


10. Perihelion Brewery

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Perihelion Brewery is located near the Beacon Hill area, and it has become one of the most popular locations in the neighborhood. They have a dozen beers on tap, and they have a delicious food menu.

Dogs are allowed outside, and there are plenty of fire pits available to keep you warm when the temperature drops in the evening. Give their special chili mango fried chicken sandwich a try!


11. Future Primitive Brewing

  • Address: 9832 14th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

The team makes four main brews year-round — a German pilsner, a West Coast IPA, a Kölsch ale, and a hazy IPA — but they also create innovative seasonal beers so no two visits taste the same.

They also have a beach bar in West Seattle that is well worth checking out.


12. Seapine Brewing Company

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This is a very popular Brewery in the SoDo area, and Seapine Brewing Company has some exceptional beers they make with local products. If you are looking for something special, you should definitely give the Sea Witch stout a try!

The brewery also has a very lively taproom that recently reopened, but you can still get your go-to growlers filled up on-site. They even have some live music from time to time.


13. The Good Society Brewery and Public House

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The Good Society Brewery & Public House is located on the west side of Seattle. It also won a major award in 2020, the Small Brewpub of the Year, so you know you are in for something special when you visit.

With every beer you buy from the tap list, you will have a positive impact on the local community, so this is definitely something to check out. They have a very large IPA selection, but they are known for their special Kolsch and kettle sours. You can also treat yourself to a few pretzels and pizzas while you are here.


14. Cloudburst Brewing Company

Photo Credit: atom420 via Instagram

Without a doubt, Cloudburst has become one of the most popular breweries in the Belltown area. They are always coming out with new beers, and they recently opened a second location in the Ballard area.

If you are a fan of stouts and pilsners, you will definitely enjoy the old-school feeling when you walk through the doors. They also have a variety of events that take place from time to time, so keep your eye on the calendar.


15. Metier Brewing Company

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Another one of the top local breweries you need to check out is Metier Brewing Company. This has been a popular location for residents and visitors on the east side of the city, and they have a wide variety of award-winning beers for you to choose from.

They are known for their hazy orange pale ale, the Trail Blazer, and their famous coconut porter, the Black Stripe. This is also a great place for you to bring your kids and your pets as it has very welcoming vibes.


16. Standard Brewing

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If you find yourself in the Central District, then you should swing by Standard Brewing. They are known for their delicious Baltic porters and their oak-barrel beer. There is also a very large food menu, and there are plenty of seating options available.


17. Pike Brewing Co

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Pike Brewing Company is one of the oldest breweries in the area. It has been open since the 1980s and remains one of the most popular craft beer options in the region. Even though there are numerous other breweries that have opened during the past few years, Pike is still a popular choice.

They have a very large taproom, and they are known for their impressive IPA selection. They have also opened an adjacent seafood restaurant with some delicious choices.


Check Out Some Good Beer in Washington State

If you are in the mood for some of the top craft brewing in the local area, be sure to check out these popular establishments. Regardless of whether you are in the mood for some Belgian beer or some sours, you can find it here!

The Seattle region is known for its amazing beer, and these are a few of the top places you should add to your beer tour. There is always something fun going on in the local area, so consider looking at the calendar, planning your stops, and making it a day trip!

You will be glad you visited these amazing local businesses.