Our mission & values

Seattle Vacation Home provides professional quality furnished housing with a personal touch. We offer
exceptional value to our visitors through our high-end, reasonably priced accommodations. We treat our
teammates with respect by working in a partnership model and offering above-market pay. We are thoughtful
about our impact on our neighbors, our environment, and the city of Seattle.


Seattle Vacation Home had a modest beginning, in the spring of 2015, when the proprietors began welcoming
guests to “The Aerodrome,” their first furnished rental home. In the short time since then, the business
has grown to include more than 30 homes, ranging in size from 1 to 7 bedrooms.

Our Guests

“We host guests from around the world!”

Data geeks, scroll over highlighted areas for a detailed breakdown.

Who come to Seattle for so many different reasons…

  • Visiting friends/relatives 11%
  • Wedding event 6%
  • Workshop/competition 3%
  • Sports event/conference 2%
  • Cruise 1%
  • School trip/volunteer 1%
  • General other 20%
  • General/meetings 23%
  • Conference 2%
  • Performance 1%
  • Treatment (transplant, IVF, etc.) 7%
  • Healthcare provider (e.g. visiting nurses) 5%
  • Home repair / remodel 5%
  • Move 5%
  • Staycation 1%

Giving back

At Seattle Vacation Home, we have a responsibility to positively impact the world around us. We do this by generously rewarding our teammates,
caring for our environment, respecting our neighbors, and going to extraordinary lengths to care for all guests, including those traveling to Seattle under difficult
circumstances (bereavement, medical treatment, etc.).

Seattle Vacation Home offers housing to worthy organizations for their own use, or for charity auctions and other fundraisers. Recent organizations benefitting from this program include:

If your organization would like to be considered for this program, please fill out our online application.
Your submission will be acknowledged quickly. Due to the high level of interest in participation, we review
applications on a quarterly basis to choose those which best fit our criteria.

House Rules

Our homes are high-end properties in a residential
community populated by families and working professionals.

As a result, our homes are generally unsuitable for certain types of groups, such as bachelor/bachelorette
parties, prom goers, Fraternity/Sorority formal attendees, 21st birthday party groups, college spring
breakers, and others. While we do not strictly prohibit any group based merely on its descriptor, we
encourage all renters to consider the purpose of their travel and the nature of their group.

The organizer for each booking will be required to sign a strictly worded Rental Agreement, with language
explicitly discussing our expectations concerning noise, smoking, occupancy limits, property damage and
cleanliness. The organizer will be required to provide the scan of a photo ID for booking, as well as the
full name of each member of the group. These items can be provided to us via the Guest Portal on this

Thank you for partnering with us to ensure a great experience for all involved!

The following rules are consistent across all of our properties:

  • No parties
  • No noise that can be heard from outside
  • No use of decks or outdoor space after 9pm
  • No guests not named in the Rental Agreement
  • No smoking
  • No pets
  • No firearms
  • No drug use, including marijuana
  • No alcohol consumption by guests under 21
  • No fireworks/hazardous materials
  • Full payment is due at time of booking
  • No refunds for cancellation regardless of reason

We are passionate about hospitality, and endeavor
to ensure that our guests are elated with their experience.

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