Where to Grab the Best Donuts in Seattle

03/10/2023 | by Andy | Bars & Restaurants

Are you a donut lover looking for the best donuts in Seattle? We’ve got you covered!

For all the donut lovers out there, booking a cozy vacation rental in Seattle is a strategic way to get closer to its many delicious donut treats! Whether your favorite taste is tart or sweet, from creme or jelly-filled, our handpicked selection of top-notch donut spots will not disappoint.

With our detailed guide of Seattle’s best donuts to lead the way, you are sure to satisfy those sugar cravings without disappointment. Here’s our guide on where to get top-notch donuts in Seattle.

Dough Joy

Photo Credit: Catherine Murray

Experience Dough Joy’s deliciously creative vegan yeast-raised doughnuts in all their sugary glory! Originally a food truck, their incredible popularity has allowed them to open two brick-and-mortar locations where all are welcome to gather and indulge.

From the tart strawberry lemonade to the sparkly Over the Rainbow and ooey-gooey s’mores, these treats are now available at their Ballard or Capitol Hill local stores!

Donut Factory

Photo Credit; beats1

The Donut Factory is a 24/7 sprinkles party, with cake doughnuts dressed up in every color of the rainbow. But be sure to try their savory flavors and classics too—from smoky bacon to Fruity Pebbles and everyone’s favorite — the classic maple bar.

Got something to say? Say it with donuts! Customize your order with alphabet-shaped treats perfect for prom asks, birthday wishes, or any special message worth saying with a side of fried dough. This is the perfect after-brunch takeout stop!

Raised Doughnuts & Cakes

Mi Kim, the former Macrina head pastry chef and co-owner of Raised, proves herself as a creative genius by bringing original treats to the table each month.

From classic spots to inventive special flavors like caramel crunch crullers, orange-glazed classics, or her own mochi doughnuts with their unique texture, you won’t miss out! Even her mini donuts are elevated with a delicious coat of freeze-dried raspberry dust.

Kim’s exciting flavors are announced about ten days in advance, but try the weekend specials – a Friday cruller, Saturday’s everything bagel–inspired doughnut, and an adventurous Sunday treat -you won’t regret it!

Online ordering has made it, so these delicious treats don’t fly off the shelves as quickly as they did during Raised’s early days.

Dona Queen Donut & Deli

Photo Credit: The Image Party

Dive into a hidden corner of the SoDo mini-mall and discover the secret bakery serving tantalizing doughnuts like glazed, filled, and cinnamon twists – adding the perfect sweet foil to the deli’s spiced-up bulgogi and other savory dishes.

That’s right; this is the only donut joint also serving up Chicken Fried Rice and Chow Mein. Is this heaven on earth? We don’t deny it.

Mochinut South Lake Union

Photo Credit: RYO Alexandre

The best dessert in Seattle might just be these mochi-inspired donuts. We always love the unexpected, and Mochinut’s Japanese-inspired mochi donut delivers donuts with a twist. Spice up your sweet-tooth cravings with Mochinut’s South Lake Union location!

Apart from delicious donuts, you’ll have the chance to try more colorful cuisine. Try unique treats like mango puree, sesame balls, churros with caramel, and Korean rice hot dogs, or sip on some bubble tea–all taste-tested to deliver an unforgettable chewy texture.

Mighty-O Donuts

Photo Credit: Nataliia Pyzhova

When Mighty-O first opened, they were on a quest to create delicious and ethical Organic doughnuts. Unexpected bonus? Their commitment to yummy plant-based recipes meant a plant-powered dream come true for Seattle’s vegan community.

Fill up your box with Mighty-o’s selection of raised twists, bars, and fritters coated in flavors like chocolate paired with peanut butter and raspberry-glazed vanilla.

A particularly legendary moment was when they poured chai into the doughnut mix, transforming it into their famous French Toast Doughnut. In recent years, Mighty-O has grown rapidly, making their vibrantly flavorful doughnuts accessible throughout Seattle.

Find them in Ballard, Capitol Hill, Denny Triangle, and Greenlake.

The Donut Lab

Photo Credit: thedonutlabseattle

Taste the tropics without ever leaving Seattle! At The Donut Lab, you can sample iconic Hawaiian malasadas in delicious new flavors like guava, macadamia nut, and piña colada.

These fluffy and sugar-crusted pastries will transport your tastebuds to Hawaii’s sandy beaches—no passport required! Unfortunately, there’s no storefront yet—you’ll need to place an online pre-order and then swing by to elevate your treat experience.

General Porpoise

Photo Credit: p.studio66

The British are coming!

Introducing the doughnut phenomenon that is inspired by London’s St. John Bakery! Renee Erickson has two glorious locations – Capitol Hill and Laurelhurst – selling the same array of five creamy, jammy, or tangy-filled brioche moons.

Plus, you can get seasonal gems like quince jam and pistachio cream and standard treats like tiramisu and vanilla custard doughnuts to make your mouth water. Then, wash it down with a delectable coffee from the resident La Marzocco espresso machines for an unforgettable experience.

Are we tempting you yet? Get up super-duper-extra-bright-and-shiny-lemony and get to Laurelhurst – you could snag some raw doughnuts from the main kitchen there!

Dahlia Bakery

Photo Credit: dahliabakery

Sample all the exquisite flavors of Seattle at Dahlia Bakery! This spot just happens to be close to many of the coworking spaces in Belltown – so it’s perfect for break time!

From locals to visitors, everyone is raving over the sweet and savory menu, from crispy breakfast sandwiches and artisan breads to handmade pastries and desserts – freshly made in small batches.

These OH Mochi donuts are like none other: crispy on the outside and soft, chewy, gooey nirvana on the inside. And you can’t beat their triple-coconut cream pies for sheer deliciousness – they’re legendary!

This bakery’s desserts have been dubbed world-famous, so don’t miss out!

The Flour Box

Photo Credit: theflourboxseattle

Pamela Vuong’s Hillman City shop has become a beloved pop-up favorite, and the sweet treats – think creme brulee, everything bagel filled with whipped chive cream cheese, cinnamon rolls, and other mouth-watering flavors – are worth queuing up for!

It’s no wonder Vuong earned a James Beard Award semifinalist nomination for the outstanding baker – eating at the Flour Box is like enjoying edible art!

Jet City Beignet

Photo Credit: Brent Hofacker

Are you ready for an unforgettable treat straight from the heart of the South? Beignets are airy golden squares made with choux-like pastry and fried to crisp perfection.

In New Orleans, they’re often served in servings of six or more, scattered with powdered sugar, and served hot with a side of warm chocolate sauce!

Seattle-based Jet City Beignets bring this deliciousness to the city via their pop-ups and ghost kitchens – pounce on their calendar for your chance to indulge – or find packages of the company’s beignets in all Metropolitan Market locations’ freezers section and fry up at home. You won’t regret it!

Family Donut

Photo Credit: Family Donut Northgate

Make your way to Northgate and the infamously small Pete Thav strip mall storefront. Yet within this petite room lies a bakery giant – from as early as midnight, the Thav family begins preparing irresistible doughnuts of all kinds!

A spectrum of oozing icings – lemon, orange, blueberry – drizzle over tender cakes while shiny twists usher in vanilla or chocolatey goodness. But these aren’t your average doughnuts – towering Apple Fritters rise above your expectations, the size of personal pan pizzas.

Don’t know what to choose? Pete Thav himself is a phone call away and will guide you between classic plain chocolates and tantalizing choc-coconut sprinkles. Feel like a kid in an oversized sweetie store!

Good Day Donuts

Photo Credit: Maddas

Good Day Doughnut Shop: the perfect marriage of White Center charm and culinary ingenuity. Here you’ll find Erik Jackson and Alison Odowski whipping up scratch-made doughnut creations from their humble strip mall location!

This shop is like a love letter to the classics, from raspberry-filled puffs to sprinkle-covered cake donuts. But that’s not all; even breakfast sandwiches, lunchtime subs, and popup dinners are uniquely crafted with the couple’s culinary expertise.

Plus, be sure to try their sea salt-glazed raised doughnuts–they’re well on their way to becoming a classic. Good Day Donuts is a true neighborhood hub not to be missed.

Daily Dozen

Photo Credit: nelea33

Why not take your sweet tooth sightseeing? Take a trip to Daily Dozen in the lively Pike Place Market and get ready for Seattle’s best donuts.

This unassuming little shop is filled with customers all day long – they can’t resist! Keep it classic with plain, cinnamon, or sugar bombs covered in sprinkles, or if you’re feeling fancy, go for a maple twist.

You’ll never look at donuts the same way again! So try them today, and your taste buds will thank you.

9th and Hennepin Donuts

Photo Credit: 9thandhennepin

Visit 9th and Henneping in West Seattle to experience something out of the ordinary – doughnuts made with seasonal produce like Yukon Potato Brioche Long John, Honeycrisp Apple, and Strawberry Fritter!

Each was made just as Tom Waits intended. One look at their website, and you’ll see that they’re no-nonsense. Donuts are made hot and fresh, right down to the 15 minutes (that’s why there’s no delivery service).

If their ordering slots are all filled up, you might be one of the lucky few walk-ins who can pick up a box of reserves!

Greater Seattle Area

Maybe you’ve taken a day trip out of the city to explore one of Washington’s magnificent national parks or surrounding islands in Puget Sound. Swing by one of these donut shops in the Greater Seattle Area on your way!

Zuri’s Donutz

Photo Credit: zurisgourmet

Indulge in a world of delicious flavors at this Black- and veteran-owned Lynnwood bakery, where they love to explore the possibilities. Sample original donut delights like garlic chili chicken doughnuts or tempt your taste buds with flavors like mango chili, ube, and horchata.

Don’t forget about their infinite selection from the ever-inspiring “Zuriverse”! And for those with dietary restrictions, there are plenty of gluten-free and vegan options too!


Photo Credit: Alluvion Stock
  • Website: frostology.com
  • Address: Mill Creek Town Center, 15217 Main Street Mill Creek, WA

At Frost, it’s all about treating yourself.

Voted Seattle’s Best Donut by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, this is your chance to dive into a delectable wonderland of doughnuts and treats.

From decadent caramel apple to the classic glazed old-fashioned, these rainbow-hued delights are ready to satisfy your cravings, no matter your mood.

Feeling adventurous?

Try one of their outrageous creations––from white chocolate raspberry bismarcks to cake doughnuts covered in Andes mints and crushed potato chips––all made with culinary intention and presented with perfection!

Underground Donut Tour

Photo Credit: seattledonutfest

Having difficulty deciding which of these delicious doughnut creations to try first? Allow a local doughnut expert to guide you and join the Underground Donut Tour.

The journey starts in Belltown, leading to Pike Place Market (where the legendary fried donut bites invite lines of donut worshippers), where you’ll visit some of Seattle’s top-rated shops. Gain insight into their history and trivia as you savor an array of fried, sugary treats.

Get Your Northwest Donut Fix

Seattle is a great place to experience a special variety of Pacific Northwest donut. It’s something about the coffee capital of the world coupled with a warm fresh donut that just makes everything right in the world.

Get close to your donut fix with one of our luxury vacation homes in some of the best locations around Seattle.

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