Queen Anne, Seattle Vacation Rentals

Queen Anne is consistently considered one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle. You’ll quickly see why the moment you start walking around and taking it all in. Vibrant day and night, there’s always something to do in Queen Anne.

Between Lower Queen Anne and Upper Queen Anne, the two areas can feel quite different, although still the same neighborhood. Lower Queen Anne is more commercial and is home to some of the city’s best tourist attractions. A walk up the Queen Anne Hill takes you to Upper Queen Anne, the primarily residential area of town. From here, you can get great water views of Lake Union on one side and Puget Sound on the other.

Do keep in mind, while you get great views in Queen Anne, you’ll get the hills to match. It’s still a great location with everything in walking distance but if you’d rather not battle the Queen Anne Hill back up, stick to public transportation or car while getting around town.

History of Queen Anne

Due to its hill, Queen Anne was one of the last areas of Seattle to be completely developed. Back in the mid-1800s, it was far less appealing to clear land for farms or businesses on a slope, so development was focused on flatter areas of Seattle where land could be cultivated much easier.

It wasn’t until the beginning of the 1900s when electric street cars were introduced to the area that people began to show interest in living here. Around that time, people began building homes based on the architectural style ‘Queen Anne,’ then popular in England. Then, the name of the area was Eden Hill but soon people began referring to it as Queen Anne Town and eventually, the name stuck.

Things to Do in Queen Anne

You absolutely won’t be bored when choosing to stay in a house rental in Queen Anne. From stereotypical tourist fun to local haunts you never knew existed, Queen Anne has it all for your Seattle getaway.

Here are our favorite things to do while in Queen Anne:

  • How to Cook Like a Wolf: This is a great restaurant with delicious food made with simple ingredients.
  • Kerry Park: For the best views of the Seattle skyline and plenty of green space to enjoy, you’ll want to head to Kerry Park.
  • The Space Needle: Seattle’s icon sits in Lower Queen Anne, just a few minutes walk from Downtown Seattle. The area around the Space Needle is full of things to do year round.
  • Seattle Center: Also in Lower Queen Anne, the Seattle Center is a family-friendly entertainment center that’s well worth checking out.
  • Queen Anne Ave. N: This street is the heart of the neighborhood and the perfect place to walk around, hopping into shops, restaurants, and cafes along the way.
  • Downtown Seattle: Queen Anne is just a short walk from Downtown Seattle, giving you easy access to all of Seattle’s hotspots like Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, and Puget Sound.
  • Other Nearby Neighborhoods: Other great neighborhoods to check out while in town are Capitol Hill, Ballard, Belltown, Wallingford, and Fremont.

Our Seattle Vacation Homes

By booking a Queen Anne vacation rental directly for your next trip to town, you’re not only saving on third party fees from Airbnb or Vrbo, but you’re getting the personal touch of dealing with the property managers directly.

We’re able to help you with all of your Seattle vacation needs and can point you in the right direction for anything from nearby grocery stores to fun, unique things to do in the area, based on your interests. From the moment you check-in, you can rest assured you’re in good hands while in Seattle.