Madrona, Seattle Vacation Rentals

Madrona is a great neighborhood, located to the east of downtown Seattle, right on the shore of Lake Washington. Madrona gives its guests and residents a unique mix of urban and suburban, as it’s close proximity to the city center, yet it’s mainly residential population.

In Madrona, you won’t want things to do. From great bars and restaurants to entertain you well into the night, to coffee shops and parks to keep you going during the day. From many of the house rentals and areas of this quaint neighborhood you can get great views of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier in the distance.

History of Madrona

When Seattle was first founded by settlers in 1851, Madrona was a hotspot for loggers, berry pickers, and realtors. Drawn in by the sandy beaches and lush hillside, Madrona quickly became one of the more popular spots in early Seattle history.

The Randall Family were the first family of settlers to call Madrona home. They settled at the highest point of Madrona, near 34th Ave. and Union Street. This area soon became the prime spot for Madrona real estate. As popularity in the area rose, a park and electric trolley were introduced to their area to help draw in more tourists or people looking for a nice day trip outside of the city center.

Primarily due to the beauty of the lakefront, Madrona has remained a popular attraction in Seattle from past to present. Throughout the decades visitors from all of the country and city have flocked to its shores in the summer to bask in the sunshine and relax with the tranquility of nature around.

Things to Do in Madrona

You’ll love staying in Madrona. With so many great things to do within walking distance from your vacation rental home and other hot spots in the city only a short drive away, you absolutely won’t lack for things to do.

Madrona is the perfect spot for family-friendly activities and a low-key getaway. As primarily a residential area, you won’t have to deal with too much traffic or street noise, regardless of the time of the day.

Here are our top things to do in Madrona and nearby Seattle neighborhoods:

  • Hi Spot Cafe: Start your day off on the right foot by grabbing breakfast at Hi Spot Cafe. Located in the heart of Madrona, you’ll love the food and the location.
  • Stroll 34th Ave: As the central district of Madrona, this is a great location to take yourself on a walking tour. Take your time and pop into the great shops, restaurants, and coffee shops that line Madrona’s cute downtown.
  • Madrona Park: Visit Madrona Park and enjoy exploring the 31 areas of pristine nature. You won’t believe how close you are to busy downtown Seattle once you step foot into this park. In the park, you can walk trails that cut through the woods or head to the beach at Lake Washington.
  • Lake Washington: On Lake Washington, you can choose to lounge on Madrona beach, go for a swim, or enjoy kayaking. Relaxing by the lake is one of Madrona’s residents favorite things to do!
  • Downtown Seattle: Madrona is only about a 10 minute drive from Downtown Seattle, giving you access to all of Seattle’s hotspots like Pike Place Market.
  • Visit Nearby Neighborhoods: Other great nearby neighborhoods to check out while in Seattle are Madison Valley, Capitol Hill, and Queen Anne.

Our Seattle Vacation Homes

By booking a short term house rental directly for your next vacation, you’re not only saving on third party fees from Airbnb or Vrbo, but you’re getting the personal touch of dealing with the property managers directly.

Here at Seattle Vacation Homes, we’re happy to help you with all of your vacation needs, from before check-in until after check-out. From pointing you in the right direction for the nearest grocery store, to all the best hidden spots in Madrona and nearby neighborhoods, you’ll be in great hands when you stay with us.

All of our properties come equipped with free wifi, fresh linens, and a washer/dryer. Some properties have window air conditioning units and/or gas fireplaces.

Get ready for a great vacation to Seattle by staying in Madrona, where the city meets nature.