Top Coworking Spaces in Seattle

01/18/2023 | by Andy | Local Area Guide

As the home to innovative tech giants such as Microsoft and Amazon, it’s no surprise that Seattle has adapted to another tenet of modern work: coworking spaces.

Coworking is becoming an increasingly popular option for entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, and remote workers. Seattle is home to a high concentration of coworking spaces that offer a variety of amenities and packages to suit any budget or lifestyle.

We know you’re in love with your vacation home accommodation–we put a lot of care into ensuring you do! However, there are benefits to getting out of the house and working amongst other digital nomads!

Whether you’re looking for a short-term workspace or a long-term office solution, plenty of great options are available in the Emerald City.

What Are the Benefits of a Coworking Space?

Especially in the days of post-pandemic, when workers have much more flexibility in choosing their location, coworking spaces can be met with skepticism.

Why pay for access to a desk when you have a kitchen table and free snacks at home? There are many benefits to plugging in outside your comfort zone on occasion. Let’s explore how the coworking scene in Seattle can up your productivity!


One of the main advantages that coworking spaces offer is flexibility. You can pick the layout that best suits your work needs, from individual desks to entire office setups. Plus, they’re perfect for scaling up and down in size, so you only pay for what you need.

It can also be economical. Many coworking spaces on this list also offer flexible packages where you pay for a set number of days but can use them non-consecutively.

Decrease Loneliness

Previously, a strong “company culture” was created through in-person communication and the connections that formed in the office. Now, with a remote-first approach, it can be challenging to create that dynamic when everyone works from their own individual spaces.

Coworking spaces provide a sense of community and facilitate interactions between people working virtually. They also allow workers to connect with others with different views and backgrounds, helping create a diverse and enriching experience.

Chance to Build Connections

Networking in a coworking space can be achieved by being supportive, exchanging services, and having friendly conversations. However, avoid pushing sales and making connections too intense, as this may push away potential collaborations.

Working with diverse “coworkers” offers many advantages, including potential business opportunities and lasting friendships. Therefore, it is important to remain open-minded when interacting with those in the office setting.

Greater Productivity and Creativity

By engaging with people from different backgrounds and industries, professionals gain access to new ideas and perspectives, which helps them generate dynamic and creative solutions.

The productivity of fellow coworkers tends to motivate many people, according to a study done by The Global Community Unconference Conference (GCUC). Their recent study revealed that 84% of professionals reported feeling more motivated and engaged in shared workspace environments.

Moreover, those who work in such an environment often rely on the hustle and bustle of such workspaces to motivate them to meet deadlines.

What Makes a Good Coworking Space?

Everyone has a different taste in decor, but we believe there are a few non-negotiables when it comes to selecting an inspiring workspace:

  • High-speed Internet and steady wi-fi
  • Meeting spaces
  • Private offices

Nice to haves:

  • Storage space/bike rack
  • Outdoor space
  • Event spaces
  • Happy hours

Take a tour of the space before you commit! Take note of the atmosphere and then decide if it’s a good fit. In addition, you may want to work in your favorite Seattle neighborhood; these options are spread across the city.

Where To Cowork in Seattle

These spaces all offer a variety of amenities to suit your needs. Ideally, you will have a few favorites and can change scenery whenever needed!

The Cloud Room

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  • Location: 1424 11th Avenue, Suite 400, Seattle
  • Pricing: $40 Day pass
  • Book now

In the Chopside Row neighborhood of Capitol Hill stands The Cloud Room – a haven for collaboration and diversity owned by women. The workspace has an in-house bar, stylish desks and tables, and a large patio. They can also accommodate up to 60 people in one of their pre-booked meeting rooms. Private office suites are available for groups of 15-60 people.

The Cloud Room takes the work/play balance seriously, as its in-house bar even hosts a daily happy hour from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Additionally, this coworking space’s close ties with the Chophouse Row community allows members perks such as live concerts, doggie daycare, yoga/wellness classes, and more with membership.

Members can enjoy amenities such as:

  • Private Office Suites
  • Cloud Room Bar
  • An Open Air Deck
  • Ability to Hold Events
  • Locker Rentals
  • Mail Service


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  • Location: 1700 Westlake Avenue N Suite 200, Seattle
  • Pricing: $50/day; $400 for eight days at a Divvy Desk
  • Book now

Thinkspace is for those who like to work in style, surrounded by others of like mind. Pricing here is flexible, allowing non-consecutive day use of an eight-day package.

Entrepreneurs looking for a productive workspace love this spot for its wide open floor plan and a flood of a natural light help to free your mind to work and create–not to mention the gorgeous views of Lake Union. You can watch float planes or go boat-spotting on your lunch break!

In a very Seattle-like fashion, Thinkspace offers kombucha as well as coffee and tea in their lounge.

Members can enjoy amenities such as:

  • 24/7 building access
  • Community and Networking Events
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Locker Storage

Black Dot

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  • Location: 1437 S Jackson Street, Seattle
  • Pricing: $25/month membership
  • Book now

Take your virtual office to the Black Dot. This space is dedicated to uplifting and equipping entrepreneurs and individuals–specifically those of African descent. More than an office space to just get work done, Black Dot strives to exhibit a ‘cultural responsiveness’ and an excellent ecosystem.

Colorful and cozy, their monthly coworking membership includes access to the general coworking space, discounts on renting the conference and presentation rooms, and a 10% discount on printing services.. Uniquely, Black Dot even offers onsite podcast services.

If you’re in town at the beginning of the week, consider joining Mastermind Mondays. At this virtual meeting, entrepreneurs brainstorm how to keep their businesses thriving and where they cheer each other on. Check to see if they’re running any workshops during your residency–it could be a chance to grow and connect with other innovators!

Members can enjoy amenities such as:

  • Onsite Podcast Services
  • Discounted Printing
  • Presentation Rooms
  • Conference Rooms


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  • Location: Sunset North, 3120 139th Avenue SE, Seattle
  • Pricing: $29/day
  • Book now

Despite the internal corporate issues WeWork (now known as the We Company) has faced, their coworking spaces remain excellent. In Seattle alone, there are several stunning locations to explore.

On those less-than-sunny Seattle afternoons, the modern Midwestern decor in Sunset North’s office interior provides an inviting ambiance. Nestled among the trees near Bellevue College, the Lake Hills coworking facility is perfectly positioned for success.

Boasting two floors of modern space, enjoy bright lounges, cozy conference rooms, and inspiring private offices to boost productivity. Perks to this space include mail handling, help staff, lightening fast internet connection, and locally sourced coffee and beers to enjoy after a hard day of work.

Members can enjoy amenities such as:

  • Mail Handling
  • Conference Rooms
  • Full Floor Offices
  • Hot Desks
  • Mother’s Room
  • Wellness Room
  • Dog-Friendly

Knack Coworking

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  • Location: 2132 3rd Avenue, Seattle
  • Pricing: $35/day
  • Book now

At Knack Coworking, you’ll find an energizing workspace that’s a big improvement from your home office or the local coffee shop.

Knack provides budget-friendly shared workspaces for startups and businesses of all sizes, granting them access to vital resources. Not to mention, the bright murals keep your workspace fun and uplifting.

The Knack is a social coworking atmosphere! Keep an eye out for events such as happy hours or workshops.

Members can enjoy amenities such as:

  • Unlimited Copying and Printing
  • Podcast Studio Rental
  • Private Phone Booths
  • Locally Sourced Beverages

The Pioneer Collective

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  • Location: Belltown and Ballard
  • Pricing: $145/month, $50 trial week
  • Book here

The Pioneer Collective was created to help entrepreneurs release their creativity. With intentionally designed spaces for focusing or socializing, TPC fosters community while supporting productive engagement.

The Pioneer Collective has two Seattle locations to choose from. Set up shop in Ballard and brewery-hop once you log off for the day, or choose super-central Belltown and walk to the Space Needle on your lunch break!

The coworking option also offers a package with eight days of flexible use – perfect for the traveler with a shorter stay and versatile schedule!

Members can enjoy amenities such as:

  • Bike Storage
  • Member Events
  • Private Offices
  • Tech-Enabled Conference Rooms
  • Locally Sourced Beverages

Collective Chemistry

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  • Location: 5201 11th Avenue NW, Seattle
  • Pricing: $75/month
  • Book now

Collective Chemistry caters to creative professionals, like graphic designers, photographers, cinematographers, and web designers. It is a platform for them to form a community and network with each other to benefit everyone involved.

Guests of the workspace can use shared working zones or a dedicated desk. Additionally, there’s a common area, conference room, lounge, phone room, and screening room for all your coworking huddles.

Collective Chemistry believes freelancers should help each other out, creating an exciting atmosphere. You’ll meet video editors, animators, and other creatives in the same space. Over a decade old, this coworking space also hosts happy hours and community events.

Members can enjoy amenities such as:

  • Happy Hours
  • Private Phone Room
  • Screening Room
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Hot Desks

Indies Workshop

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  • Location: 1517 12th Avenue, #201, Seattle
  • Pricing: $50/day
  • Book now

Are you plugged into the digital world? Sometimes you just want to be with your own people! Indies Workshop is geared towards game industry professionals and provides a wide variety of equipment for their use.

For gaming programmers, Indies Workshop provides game consoles, VR equipment, and even a suite of cables to untangle when one needs to take a break from thinking.

Power up and buckle down in this tech-loving work environment in Capitol Hill.

Members can enjoy amenities such as:

  • VR Equipment
  • Game Pads
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Flexible Pricing

Best Spots for Networking Happy Hours in Seattle

Maybe you’d like to move the networking to a more comfortable place, or would just like to reward yourself for a hard day’s work before you head back to your comfortable lodgings.

There are plenty of Seattle breweries, wine bars, and hip cocktail joints that will fit the bill. Here are some popular Seattle Happy Hours for the after-work crowd.

Barrio Mexican Kitchen & Bar

For classic Mexican food with a Pacific Northwest interpretation, check out the hugely popular Barrio Mexican Kitchen & Bar.

We could order their queso by the vat-full, trust us. Make sure to check out Barrio’s Happy Hour between 4:00 and 5:30 pm on weekdays and 3:00 and 5:30 pm on weekends. You’ll find a great selection of small plates, entrees, and even vegetarian tacos at under $10 each!

Von’s 1000 Spirits

Just next door to the Seattle Art Museum in Downtown Seattle, you’ll find Von’s 1000Spirits – a unique, world-renowned shop that boasts an enormous selection of spirits, as well as its own locally-crafted, small-batch bourbons, vodka, tequila, and gin.

Happy Hour is on Saturday and Sunday from 3:00 to 6:00 pm, offering discounts on cocktails, certain beers, spirits, wine, and even full entrees. Bring your appetite and get ready to dig into a wood-fired artisan pizza or their famous, made-to-order salmon chowder.


For a lavish taste of the Old World, make your way to Belmont. Belmont is a sophisticated European-style cocktail bar located between Broadway and First Hill in Seattle. It has Oriental rugs adorning the floor, vintage leather sofas offering to seat, and marble tables and a bar top for customers to enjoy.

The restaurant offers an assortment of fine wines from around the globe and expertly mixed cocktails, as well as globally-inspired small plates to match the elegant ambiance.

Every day from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, you can enjoy discounted prices on food and drinks at the Belmont, such as 10$ snack trios, glasses of wine, Old Fashions, and Negronis.


A Korean word with the definition of “comfort,” you know WeRo’s food will hit the spot!

This wonderful Korean restaurant in Ballard is suitable for any occasion and features an excellent Happy Hour, including butter-roasted potatoes for $5 (you won’t regret trying them!), rice cake and sausage skewers for $3, and delectable sticky-spicy wings at only $12. Come by for their daily Happy Hour from 4:00 to 5:30 pm.

Corvus & Co | Capitol Hill

Describing itself as “dark, sexy, and mysterious,” you can tell that Corvus & Co. has a flair for the dramatic. This cocktail bar serves up imaginative drinks and Mediterranean-style food. Come by their daily happy hour between 4:00 and 6:00 pm to enjoy select $10 cocktails, such as Moscow Mules, Gimlets, Dark & Stormies, and more.

Stay and Co-Work in Seattle

Seattle is a great city for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to get their work done in a comfortable and productive environment. With so many Seattle coworking spaces to choose from, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a dedicated desk or just need a place to hang out.

From Collective Chemistry to Indies Workshop, there are plenty of options for those seeking the perfect workspace. When it’s time to take a break from your luxury vacation home rental, pack your laptop and get ready to watch your productivity skyrocket!