The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Seattle

12/06/2022 | by Andy | Bars & Restaurants

Seattleites love their food, but it’s becoming ever more popular for diners in this PNW hub to think seriously about where that food comes from. In a city so strongly connected to nature, with majestic mountains, strong old-growth forests, and the sparkling waters of the Puget Sound, it’s no wonder that much of Seattle’s population has a strong commitment to animal rights and environmentalism.

Did you know that Seattle ranks 4th in the nation for meatless meals according to a study by WalletHub? This continues to rise each year.

For anyone who might cast a dubious eye on the big “V-words,” Vegetarian and vegan food doesn’t just lead to eating a plate of lettuce. Innovative and native talents continue to produce tantalizing meat-free and plant-based meals.

Whether you’re a committed vegetarian yourself, or just want to try out some of the local fare, here is your go-to guide for the best vegetarian restaurants in Seattle.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Seattle

Juicy Cafe

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  • Multiple Locations

We all know that a “vacation diet” can get a bit heavy sometimes, and, as one of the most-loved healthy restaurants in Seattle, Juicy Cafe could be the perfect antidote.

It can be easy to walk right past the original location at the Convention Center, as it’s tucked away. But judging by the way that it’s always packed with locals, you know that this place is the real deal for a quick bite and a vitamin boost.

Juicy Cafe’s famous staples are their veggie-based grain bowls and fortifying homemade juices and smoothies. Although cheese and meat are present options, a vegetarian/vegan experience is completely possible.

In total, they have four locations across Seattle, so a healthy meal should never be too far away.

The Sunlight Cafe

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  • 6404 9th Ave NE #100, Seattle

The Sunlight Cafe is the longest-standing vegetarian restaurant in Seattle, and after perusing their menu, you’ll see why! Not only is the colorful menu bursting with healthy and delicious options but the cafe has a strong commitment to putting local Seattle produce on the table.

Including Mexican staples like a black bean burrito and Italian favorites like veggie lasagna, everything you order has either been made in-house or sourced locally.

Their menu is intersectional as well, as there are vegan-friendly and gluten-free options available. They proudly make all products without refined sugars.

Embrace your inner hippie and take a trip to Sunlight Cafe to make your stomach happy and healthy.

Seattle Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

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  • 10439 16th Ave SW, Seattle

Located in White Center, this unassuming vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant serves up bone-warming food. Although many of the plates served here are with tofu, they do have some meat-based meals. If you’re looking for a place that appeals to vegetarians and meat eaters, this is your spot.

For all of the love this Asian restaurant receives, its facade doesn’t draw much attention to itself, tucked into a strip mall. Perhaps that isn’t surprising as the restaurant is owned by a monk who takes up residence at a local Buddhist temple.

If you’re craving noodle or broth-based dishes, Seattle Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant will leave you satisfied!

Spice Waala

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  • Multiple Locations

With locations in both Ballard and Capitol Hill, Spice Waala brings authentic Indian flavors from Calcutta and New Delhi. The owners, Aakanksha Sinha and Uttam Mukherjee, are determined to serve food that they stand by as “unapologetically authentic”, and such a stance has earned them droves of fans. Stop by for traditional Indian dishes–many of which are vegetarian–and add some heat and flavor to your day!

Aviv Hummus Bar

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  • 107 15th Ave E Seattle

This Capitol Hill institution jokingly says, “Hummus is where the heart is,” and many Seattle locals have made this chickpea haven their hometown hangout. Even though it’s a bit outside of the normal tourist path, their ridiculously creamy hummus and generous toppings make it worth seeking out.

Vegan and vegetarian options abound, but just so you know: this hummus bar isn’t strictly vegan, meaning there are meat and animal products onsite. If that doesn’t put you off, we recommend the sabich pita (make sure to order without the boiled egg if you’re vegetarian).

Dig into that ridiculously fluffy pita and enjoy!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Seattle

Do you prefer for your meals to be free of animal products altogether? Here are some of the most beloved Seattle vegan restaurants.

Plum Bistro

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  • 1429 12th Ave, Seattle

A beloved Capitol Hill institution and a Washington staple in the vegan community, Plum Bistro specializes in artful vegan dishes fit for royalty. Settle in and enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere as you await your meal from this acclaimed eatery.

You can look forward to dishes such as black truffle sweet potato gnocchi, crispy Korean tofu, or the Plum Classic Reuben.

If your schedule doesn’t allow an evening sit-down feast, come by for brunch, or grab a quick lunch at their other, salad-centric location, Plum Chopped.

Georgetown Liquor Company

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  • $$
  • 5501 Airport Way S, Ste. B Seattle

This all-vegan bar and restaurant is the perfect setting for getting your night out started…then again, with food this good, you may just stick around all evening.

Located in the historic Seattle neighborhood of Georgetown, this intentionally inclusive space takes pride in providing finger-licking good, meatless bar food (their Cheesesteak Sandwich sounds luscious) with a punk-rock vibe.

The bar doesn’t take reservations, so show up early to secure a spot at this welcoming neighborhood hangout!

Harvest Beat

Photo Credit: Harvest Beat
  • $$$
  • 1711 N 45th Seattle

If you weren’t expecting a multi-course, vegan/vegetarian restaurant option on this list, we don’t blame you: there’s not that many. But Harvest Beat deserves to make it on any roundup that lists the best fine dining establishments in Seattle.

The funny thing is, this isn’t the owner of Harvest Beat’s first foray into fancy vegan cuisine. The owners of this North Seattle restaurant used to preside over Sutra, a vegetarian multi-course restaurant and pivoted to create Harvest Beat after Sutra’s closure.

Now, diners can enjoy a 5-course meal that’s completely vegan, either for sit-in or takeout, with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink pairings.

Don’t be fooled by the painstakingly-crafted menu–the atmosphere isn’t snooty at all. Harvest Beat aims to be a place of community.

If you’re short on time, you can also swing by to pick up something off of their á la carte menu, so you don’t have to miss out on how these renowned chefs are transforming vegetables!

Cafe Flora

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  • $
  • 1511 S. Lucile St.Seattle

This long-standing Madison Valley eatery has earned its reputation as Seattle’s favorite vegetarian spot by balancing creativity with accessibility. The atmosphere is both elegant and casual and the menu features dishes that are creative yet approachable.

If you didn’t get an opportunity to visit during your time in Seattle, the good news is that you’ll have one more chance!

Look for Floret, Cafe Flora’s cheerful spinoff, at the Sea-Tac airport. Finally, something healthy and tasty to take on your flight!

Kati Vegan Thai

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  • $$
  • 1190 Thomas St, Seattle

This South Lake Union vegan Thai restaurant has a mass of hungry followers. Formed with a belief that good food should be simple and easy, the restaurant places a strong importance on sustainability and locally sourced ingredients. The fragrant smells have lured in and delighted vegans and non-vegans alike, according to their reviews.

They offer a variety of dishes including their famous wings made with oyster mushrooms and jack fruit on sticky rice. It’s a great place to go if you want a fun atmosphere and tasty cocktails.

Vegan Fast Food Restaurants in Seattle

Sometimes on vacation you need your food on-the-go! That’s where these vegan fast-food restaurants come in.

Veggie Grill

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  • $$
  • Multiple Locations

Finally, some fast food that won’t make you sluggish right after you finish. If you start craving something tasty while exploring the outdoor mall area of University Village, pop into Veggie Grill for a bite.

Determined to change American food culture for the better, find all of your favorite classics such as cheeseburgers, Reuben sandwiches, and even crabcakes made in a flavorful and plant-based way.

They also have multiple gluten-free options on the menu.

Next Level Burger

Photo Credit: Next Level Burger
  • $$
  • Multiple Locations

Proudly wearing the title of “America’s first 100% plant-based burger joint”, Next Level Burger is fighting climate change, one meat-free patty at a time.

The chain originated in Bend, Oregon, but has spread across the country, and found an eager reception in Seattle. Stop by for juicy burgers, crispy fries, creamy shakes, and even healthy salads–all plant-based.

If you need some vegan comfort food on-the-go, Next Level Burger is your place! Stop by their Capitol Hill restaurant or drop into their embedded cafe at the U-District Whole Foods.

Vegetarian/Vegan Dessert Places in Seattle

It’s time to lavish your sweet tooth with a little extra attention! Here are some of the best places to indulge in vegan sugary treats in Seattle.

Mighty O Donuts

Photo Credit: Mighty-O Donuts
  • ($)
  • Multiple Locations

With locations in both Greenlake and Ballard, Mighty O elevates sugary rings of dough to perfection. Creating vegan donuts since 2000, this bakery makes all of their donuts from scratch and with organic ingredients.

Like many eateries in Seattle, Mighty O strives to be aware and respectful of its impacts on the environment. Get there early so that you can enjoy their sugary confections before they run out for the day!

Flying Apron

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  • $
  • 4709 California Ave SW, Seattle

This West Seattle bakery has something for everyone, with delectable treats that are both vegan and gluten-free.

A bakery catering to people who have food allergies, these bakeries care most about community, acceptance, and accessibility to healthy and delicious food. It’s even better if you can enjoy them with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Those at Flying Apron want as many people as possible to be able to “eat freely” and their delightfully scrumptious plant-based menu reflects that!


Photo Credit: Cinnaholic (Seattle – Capitol Hill)
  • $
  • 816 E Pike St, Seattle

Move over, Cinnabon; Cinnaholic is here! This made-to-order cinnamon roll bakery has earned droves of hardcore followers, and after one bite of their fluffy, vegan cinnamon rolls, you’ll likely join their ranks!

Think of it like the Subway of cinnamon rolls, where you get to mix and match over 20 different types of frostings and toppings!

While the cinnamon rolls take center stage, this Seattle vegan bakery also offers other sweet treats such as brownies, cookies, and even edible cookie dough.

Bonus: Seattle Farmers Markets

Photo Credit: Seattle Farmers Markets

Perhaps you’d like to make use of your spacious kitchen at your vacation rental home and make a vegetarian meal at home. Seattle Farmers Markets provides up-to-date info on markets on a year-round, neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis.

Stop by one of these bountiful markets to find the freshest produce and support local vendors! And of course, if you want to do your grocery shopping in one of Seattle’s most iconic places, drop by Pike Place market for your fruit and veg.

Eat Up in Seattle

In a city that loves the environment as much as Seattle does, you can bet that flavorful vegetarian and vegan eateries abound.

Whether you’re looking for a boozy brunch, a casual lunch, a fancy dinner, or just a sweet treat to tide you over, you’re spoiled for choice in this hub of the Pacific Northwest. Grab your appetite and dive into the offerings at one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Seattle!

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