The 16 Best Thrift Stores in Seattle 

08/24/2022 | by Andy | Local Area Guide

Seattle sits serenely on Puget Sound, surrounded by the ice-blue waters of the Pacific Northwest and the Olympic mountains towering in the distance. The Emerald City is the largest in Washington state and home to over 790,000 residents living in a unique blend of smaller neighborhoods, each with its own culture and flavor.

The population fluctuates throughout the year when you add in the number of tourists coming to enjoy the sights, food, and great things to do in Seattle. Once you’ve checked-in and settled-in to your vacation rental home, it’s time to hit the town.

As you’re strolling through the best Seattle neighborhoods, you’ll be hard pressed not to take some extra time to pop into our favorite shops in the city. If Seattle is known for anything, it’s our quirky style, one-of-a-kind pieces, and a flare for mixing and matching that no other city does quite like us.

Here are some of the best thrift stores Seattle has to offer for you to dive right into the Seattle shopping scene.

1. Seattle Goodwill Flagship

Photo Credit: evergrngoodwill via Instagram

Address: 1400 S Lane St, Seattle, WA

Considered the flagship of the over 20 Goodwill’s in the Seattle area, this thrift store is incredibly organized with tons of items to sift through.

Maybe you won’t find the exact style or piece you are looking for, but with this store’s organization, you won’t waste time sorting through stuff you don’t want.

Located in the Evergreen/Dearborn area, east of the International District, this store is so organized that shoppers may miss the little treasures. Prices are a little higher at this location, but the time and effort spent on the store are well worth a few extra pennies. And it all goes to a great cause. So, win, win!

2. Frenzi

Photo Credit: everout

Address: 218 SW 153rd St #8166· Seattle, WA

Frenzi is a secondhand store that specializes in clothing, costume jewelry, and shoes. However, there are always a few extra things sitting about. Frenzi is located just northwest of SEATAC International Airport and a few blocks from the Pacific Coast in Burlen. Once you have finished shopping, it is a short walk to Elliot Bay Brewhouse and Pub for lunch.

3. Fremont Vintage Mall

Photo Credit: fremontvintagemall via Instagram

Address: 3419 Fremont Place N, Seattle, WA 98103

Fremont Vintage Mall is a three-minute walk from the Fremont Troll and the Fremont Sunday Street Market. Located in the heart of the Fremont neighborhood, this is a quirky place with tons of old stuff to sift through. Browse their collectibles, records, art, clothing, memorabilia, and local jewelry designers. There is even some brackish furniture for that perfect lamp.

4. Pioneer Thrift

Photo Credit: pioneerthriftseattle via Instagram

Address: 200 3rd Ave S· Seattle, WA 98102

Pioneer Thrift is an upbeat specialty thrift store that specializes in urban fashion. Formerly known as Something Old Something New, This dedicated thrift store carries clothes, shoes, bags, costume jewelry, and other items. It is part of Pioneer Square, just south of downtown Seattle. The fantastic thing about Pioneer Thrift is that every extra penny supports ending homelessness through DESC.

5. Lifelong Thrift Store

Photo Credit: lifelongthrift via Instagram

Address: 312 Broadway E· Seattle, WA 98102

Lifelong Thrift Store is a nonprofit thrift store in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill district. An integral part of the local community, proceeds from the store’s sales help provide food, housing, and healthcare to individuals with HIV/AIDS.

At the Lifelong Thrift Store, thrifters can find clothes, shoes, books, musical instruments, well-loved furniture, and household items.

6. Buffalo Exchange

Photo Credit: buffaloexchange via Instagram

Address: 2232 NW Market St, Seattle, Washington 98107

Buffalo Exchange is a retail chain with over 40 thrift stores throughout the United States. There are two stores in Seattle, one in the Ballard neighborhood off Market Street, in Ballard Square, a short walk from the Ballad Farmer’s Market. The second location is downtown Bellingham off North State Street, near the Community Food Co-op.

Buffalo Exchange buys, sells, and trades trendy vintage and used clothing and accessories.

7. Lucky Dog Clothing

Photo Credit: ajsflix via Instagram

Address: 8201 Greenwood Ave N· Seattle, WA

Many top brands are available at this thrift store for men’s fashion & sportswear is carefully organized in this teal blue house. Located in Greenwood, a known haven for thrift stores and frugal shoppers, Lucky Dog Clothing includes men’s clothes, shoes, hats, sportswear, and accessories. Once you are finished with a day of shopping, enjoy a peaceful afternoon at the nearby Green Lake. Or, if you are in the University District, browse through Lucky Dog On the Ave for vintage clothing.

8. NU2U Thrift Store

Photo Credit: schwandataylorcrow via Instagram

Address: 21915 Marine View Dr. S, Seattle, WA

All proceeds from the NU2U Thrift Store are donated to help people rebuild their lives. This old-fashioned thrift store is located in Marine View Plaza in the Wesley Des Moines neighborhood, just a few blocks from the Des Moines Pier.

A focus on the community, the store sells women’s clothing, kids’ clothes, shoes, housewares, toys, and other trinkets.

9. Bon Voyage Vintage

Photo Credit: heavydutyvintage via Instagram

Address: 110 S Washington St, Seattle, WA

Bon Voyage Vintage sells unique and vintage clothing, household decorations, and accessories. Located across from Occidental Square in downtown Seattle, this fun shop has many things to sift through and is at the heart of Seattle activities.

10. St. Vincent de Paul Society Thrift Stores

Photo Credit: centerlessimagery via Instagram

Address: 5950 4th Ave S· Seattle, WA

The St. Vincent de Paul Society has several curated shops in the Seattle metropolitan area, including in the Burien, Renton, Kent, and Kenmore Districts. Proceeds are used by the St. Vincent de Paul Society, a Catholic-based global outreach program.

SVPS is also a consignment store. The stores are clean and organized and easy to browse. Their inventory includes clothes, accessories, toys, household items, books, gifts, and small furniture.

11. Pretty Parlor

Photo Credit: ok.juanito via Instagram

Address: 119 Summit Ave E, Seattle, WA

Pretty Parlor has original designs. This fabulous corner boutique also sells vintage clothes, lingerie, wedding dresses, and accessories. Finding vintage clothes such as these are rare. Located at the south end of the Capitol Hill district, a few blocks from the Cal Anderson Park and Reflecting Pool.

12. Earthwise Architectural Salvage

Photo Credit: earthwisesalvage via Instagram

Address: 3447 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA

Earthwise Architectural Salvage, similar to Southcenter Habitat for Humanity, offers a resale store for the house. This warehouse is stocked with salvage and overstock items, including vintage doors, lighting, windows, and bathtubs. Earthwise Architectural Salvage’s mission is to preserve the community’s architectural heritage by saving materials headed to the landfill. It is located north of the Industrial District on the edge of the SoDo neighborhood.

13. Citywide Goodwill Stores

Photo Credit: kimholcomb via Instagram

Address: 411 Westlake Avenue North· Seattle, WA

In addition to the Goodwill Flagship store, there are over 20 neighborhood Goodwills in the Seattle Metroplex. A few are extra special and worth a visit. Both neighborhood locations, the South Lake Union and the Shoreline stores, offer a large selection of clothes, household items, accessories, and unique toys. They are well organized and inexpensive.

14. Georgetown Trailer Park Mall

Photo Credit: georgetowntrailerparkofficial via Instagram

Address: 947 Doris Street, Seattle, WA

Georgetown Trailer Park Mall is an artisan vintage mall of a dozen retail trailers and pop-up shops. This funky mall focuses on sustainable, locally sourced, up-cycled, and handmade products. It is located right in the heart of Georgetown, a few blocks from Jellyfish Brewing Company.

There is a lot to find at the Trailer Park, from custom aquariums to handmade balms and potions. Vendors sell vintage pieces, hand-crafted jewelry, and ceramics. There is even a wedding chapel! And if you are looking for vinyl records, The Georgetown Trailer Park Mall is a must-stop.

15. Value Village

Photo Credit: lauren.tilden via Instagram

Address: 131 SW 157th, Burien, WA 98166

Value Village offers secondhand clothes and great finds at super low prices. Their focus is to save the earth one reused item at a time. Well organized and easy to browse, Value Village has several locations. Sales at West Seattle’s Burien neighborhood benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound. While donations and sales at the Southcenter Tukwila store benefit the Northwest Center.

16. Red Light Vintage & Costume

Photo Credit: redlightvintage via Instagram

Address: 4560 University Way NE, Seattle WA 98105

Red Light Vintage & Costume is a Seattle landmark located in the heart of the University District. The U District location purchases vintage and vintage-inspired clothing. Shoppers can find 1930’s vintage pieces, shoes, and accessories. They also have an impressive collection of rock band t-shirts for resale.

Shop All You Can at These Seattle Thrift Stores

For bargain lovers, fashionistas, and those who love a one-of-a-kind piece, the thrift stores in Seattle will have everything you need, and some! Just be sure to save some extra room in your suitcase for all of the shopping you’ll undoubtedly do while you’re visiting the Emerald City.