A Traveler’s Guide to Spring in Seattle

02/29/2024 | by Andy | Seasonal Events

Seattle is often referred to as the Emerald City–so spring is the perfect time to visit and soak in all of the verdant greens bursting through after a long, gray winter.

As the weather starts to thaw, you can take advantage of Seattle’s surrounding nature, spring festivals, and other activities that make the most of the gem of the Pacific Northwest. Let’s dive in to what you shouldn’t miss when you book your spring vacation to Seattle!

Weather in Spring: What to Expect

In spring, Seattle experiences mild temperatures, with daytime highs ranging from 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. You’re likely to come face to face with Seattle’s famous rain, so definitely pack layers so that you can still enjoy yourself in the midst of the city’s unpredictable weather.

A waterproof jacket and water-resistant shoes will help keep you comfortable as you explore the city. Even with all the showers, the sunshine still breaks through, so don’t forget to pack sunglasses as well! In any case, the temperatures rise to a point where you’ll be comfortable outside to explore all that Seattle has to offer during this invigorating time.

Seattle Spring Festivals

Seattlites come out in droves as soon as the first sunshine breaks through, and the city transforms into a playground of vibrant events.

Cherry Blossom and Japanese Cultural Festival

Photo Credit: Lissandra Melo

The three-day celebration highlights the arrival of spring in the context of Japanese culture. It features martial arts demonstrations, exhibitions, food stalls, activities for children, and more.

The festival also recognizes the important role of Japan’s immigrant’s influence on the history of Seattle. Previously held in Seward Park, the event now takes place at the conveniently located Seattle Center. For more cherry tree viewing in the Seattle area, head to the University of Washington’s Quad or the Washington Park Arboretum botanical gardens for breathtaking displays of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Northwest Folklife Festival

Photo Credit: cpaulfell

The Northwest Folklife Festival is a community-powered event that showcases a wide range of performances, workshops, and arts and crafts, providing a deep dive into the city’s eclectic traditions. Since its reemergence after pandemic shutdowns, the festival is taking attendees on a 5-year theme of renewal, regeneration, and creativity.

You can come to observe, but it’s more fun to get involved! Discover textiles and fashions from different cultures at Threads of the People or take part in hands-on craft demonstrations in the Makers Space.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Photo Credit: Ganeshkumar Durai

Is this Holland or Washington? Just a short drive from Seattle will deliver you to this famous festival that draws visitors from near and far. All April long, the lush fields of Skagit Valley are absolutely bursting with tulips of all colors. Spend an afternoon drinking in this vibrant natural rainbow.

To complete your Seattle day trip, stop by the cute towns of Mount Vernon or La Conner for lunch and sightseeing on your way back to the city! If you don’t have time to drive north, check out the West Seattle Flower House for your daily dose of bloomage!

Seattle Spring Activities

There’s so much more you can add to your itinerary besides the classics of visiting the Space Needle or walking through the year round Pike Place Market. Check out one of these spring activities!

Enjoy the Spring Fair

You can still “Do the Puyallup” in the spring! The Spring Fair spring edition is the little sibling of the gargantuan Washington State Fair in the fall, but you can still get all of the fun of a state fair on a smaller scale. Just a short drive from Seattle, you can enjoy fair food (don’t miss out on the famous scones!), competitions, rides, and other events.

Grab a Drink at an Outdoor Brewery

Photo Credit: clevengerloren via Instagram

Seattleites will take any amount of sunshine as an excuse to get some fresh air. So, if you’d like to get a drink at an outdoor brewery, you’ll be in good company in the PNW! If there’s anything Seattle lovers are crazy about besides coffee, it’s handcrafted beer. In fact, Downtown Seattly has made quiathe name for itself when it comes to microbreweries.

The Ballard neighborhood is specifically overflowing with craft beer options. Try Cloudburst on Shilshole for a start–and fill your belly at the neighboring Dumptruck dumpling food truck.

Catch a Baseball Game at T-Mobile Park

Photo Credit: Amy Roswurm

A quintessential Seattle spring activity is enjoying the Great American Pastime–watching a baseball game as the Seattle Mariners step up to the plate! If you plan ahead, you can snag some cheap tickets and spend a sunny afternoon watching baseball, eating hotdogs, and even enjoying yourself at T-Mobile Park’s beer garden as the innings roll by. The views of the Seattle Waterfront from the stadium are worth the price of admission alone.

To make matters even better, the park is accessible by Light Rail, so you won’t have to worry about parking! You can even take a tour of the stadium to add more info to your day out at the ballgame! Check their schedule to see if your visit coincides with one of the stadium’s event nights.

Take a Day Trip to Bainbridge Island

Photo Credit: Ciaran Meister

Thanks to the Puget Sound, there is an abundance of bucket list island jaunts just a stone’s throw away from Seattle. There’s nothing more invigorating than a ferry ride on a sunny day, so take the quick 20-minute communte to Bainbridge! Here, you can spend the afternoon walking quaint downtown streets and indulging in the island’s restaurants, wineries, and cafes.

Set Sail in a Hot Tub Boat

Photo Credit: ChristopherGeorge

Kayaking isn’t the only way to enjoy the Puget Sound! The spring season brings the perfect time for one of our favorite unique Seattle activities — renting a hot tub boat and cruising around Lake Union while enjoying the iconic skyline.

The companies Hot Tub Boats and Lake Union Hot Tub Boats (which adds an even more unique twist with their wood-fired hot tub option) are the frontrunners, and both offer exciting experiences. During the boat ride, you can bring up to five other people and your preferred beverage (keep in mind that for safety reasons, alcohol is not allowed) while you take in the city from an entirely new perspective!

Seattle Spring Hiking Adventures

You should add one of these famous regional hikes for a breath of fresh air in the Pacific Northwest’s famous scenery.

Discovery Park

Photo Credit: Dan Lewis

For a low-impact outdoor adventure, Discovery Park is located on Magnolia Bluff and offers stunning views of the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges. The park features two miles of protected beaches, meadows, cliffs, forests, sand dunes, thickets, and streams. Visitors can spot marine life and enjoy panoramic views of Puget Sound from the Lighthouse.

Rattlesnake Ledge Trail

Photo Credit: Maartysideofme

Just a 40 minute drive from Seattle, head to Rattlesnake Ledge trail for a moderate hike with a breathtaking payoff. Located in the Snoqualmie Region, this trail takes you through lush forests to a rocky outcrop overlooking Rattlesnake Lake. The stunning views of the Cascade Mountains and the serene lake make it a rewarding springtime trek.

Wallace Falls

Photo Credit: Roman Khomlyak

Just an hour’s drive from Seattle, there are several options for hiking at Wallace Falls, including Upper, Middle, and Lower falls, making it a great trip no matter your level of hiking expertise! The hike takes you through an old-growth forest along the Wallace River, offering beautiful scenery.

Book Your Spring Getaway to Seattle

Spring in Seattle is full of colors, scents, and experiences. You can wander through blooming gardens, tap into Seattle’s cultural heritage, and hike through the vibrant nature that sits at Seattle’s doorstep. Our vacation rental homes are the perfect base for immersing yourself in the beauty and culture of the Emerald City–book now and get ready to explore!